Santa Visited Mar Vista This Week

It’s true! Santa came to town! He and his sleigh, Santa and SUVpulled by a very accommodating LAPD Pacific Division SUV, and with a police escort to boot, stopped several places all over town this week. Santa stop at Grand ViewSanta Stop in neighborhoodIt’s a show of community spirit on the LAPD’s part, and it’s a heart-warming event for the kids — and kids-at-heart. There are even elves. ElfThis year’s most requested items, according to Santa? Computers and video game consoles. I guess we have a very high-tech group of kids here in Mar Vista.

Thanks, Pacific Division! Santa leavingBye, Santa! See you next year.

2 thoughts on “Santa Visited Mar Vista This Week”

  • How do you find out about the LAPD Santa Stops in advance, so you can plan to be there?

    Last year, we found out about this in advance from the Community flyer that was left on our doorstep and we were able to participate. This year I have been looking out for info about this. I checked the following websites a couple of weeks ago: MVCC, Mar Vista Blog, Mar Vista Mom, and LAPD — but couldn’t find anything. I was about to go into the Pacific Division Station this weekend to ask, but I guess we already missed it.

    For next year, I’d love to know which resource publishes the info in advance, so we don’t miss it again. Thanks

  • Hi Anna, posting it ahead of time is a great idea for next year. I’ll make sure that gets done. Happy Holidays!

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