Block Party Fun!

It’s been a week of colds and chilling out and not blogging (obviously). But I’m back in action and I want to start with a re-cap of our FANTASTIC 4th annual block party.


There was the giant food tent:
Block party tent
The giant bouncy (WITH slide):
Side angle bouncyBouncy w:slide
And of course, the DUNK TANK:
Dunk tank
What I don’t have pictures of, but were also awesome additions to the block party, were the baking contest, the raffle, the snow cone machine, the margarita machine, the kegs of beer from Angel City (thanks, neighbor Michael!), and the 2 (two? yes, two!) pinatas.


Oh and also the fact that we had a WONDERFUL time hanging out with our neighbors and friends. It’s always such a blast. We love our street and we are blessed to know so many of our neighbors. Yay Mar Vista!
An original post by Sarah Auerswald.

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