Hotcakes Bakery

Hotcakes bakery is located on a super busy part of Centinela in Mar Vista, and let me tell you, parking’s a pain in the butt. I parked way down on a side street and walked back. But it was worth it!


PS — when I got there they told me it’s cool to park in B & B Hardware’s lot right behind them, which is really good to know and please take that advice when visiting, which you should definitely do, by the way. It’s very cute and the food is DEE-lish.


I had a little morsel of delciousness called a cannele, a tiny, carmelized custard baked in a mold, which comes both big and small. Either way, yummy!
Picture 1 
Some of you know I’m not really into sugar anymore, but this was just faintly sweet and had more of a savory nature, perfect for me. I did also try a bite of their pecan squares, which are also not too sweet, like a regular big ole pecan pie — something my husband, who thinks pecan pie is way too sweet, would appreciate, I think.


Anyway, they have a full compliment of cupcakes, of course, which must be required for a bakery these days, but they looked adorable, just not on my list the day I was there. 
And for the holidays they have a fantastic-looking yule log, even.
They also have a lunch menu, which I didn’t realize, so I’ll be back for an egg salad sandwich, which you know I’m fond of, one of these days.


I met the owner the day I was there, Elfie Weiss, and the manager, Barbara as well, both super nice and very friendly. 


(Barbara on the left and Elfie on the right.)


If only they had a bigger area for sitting, it would be a great place to hang out. As it is, with only a couple of little tables, I’m perfectly happy to take my treats to go.


Hotcakes Bakery, 4119 Centinela Avenue, Mar Vista, 90066 (310) 397-2324
Open Monday – Saturday 9am – 7pm and Sundays 10am – 7pm
An original post by Sarah Auerswald.

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