Avatar: A Mom And Sons DVD Review

avatar dvd

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Avatar was released on DVD on Earth Day, which you probably know unless you were out of town on Pandora last week, and my kids and I were given a copy to review. Well, here goes: We love this movie!!

Even on DVD, even on our puny TV set, even though it’s not in 3D. We all love this movie. We stood in line at the theater on opening day last December because we were so excited for it to come out and we were thrilled with the 3D — it was truly magical. And the DVD does not disappoint, even though it’s only 2D.

The story is still gut-wrenching (there are tears shed when Home Tree falls — and not just by me) and exciting (who among us can resist a blue guy flying in on a giant red dragon?). It’s sure to be watched many, many times in our house.

What’s very cool about the DVD launch is that Fox has also launched the Home Tree Initiative and aims to plant 1 million trees worldwide  — here on Earth.

We were invited to watch James Cameron, the writer/director/producer, and Jon Landau, the producer, (among others, including CCH Pounder, pictured above) participate in the ceremonial planting of the first tree in North America as part of said initiative, and while there, Charlie got to ask them some questions.

He got to ask 2 questions of Jon Landau, the first was, “How did you like working with James Cameron?” And here is Mr. Landau’s response:

Then he got to ask James Cameron a question, “How’d you get inspiration for writing the script for Avatar?”

Great questions, Charlie! Nice job! And now it’s time for mom to Avatar-ize:

Photos provided by me and Fox Home Entertainment, video provided by Charlie.

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