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MVCC Elections – My Endorsements

The MVCC elections are coming up June 2nd, and there are a few dozen people running, which is great! I have decided who I will be voting for thought I would share.

MVCC Education Committee special meeting walgrove charter lease

Community Director

Adriana de la Cruz

Zone 1 Director

Stacy Shure

Zone 2 Director

Pamula Solar

Zone 5 Director

Harrison Hopkins

At-Large Directors (Vote for 6)

Andrea Ambriz

Ann Bickerton

Vanessa Colosio Diaz

Gabriel Hill

Tyler Laferriere

Rob Kadota

Gabrielle Rivera Weisman is also running – and I think she is great as well. Robin Doyno and Susan Klos are running to retain their current At-Large Director seats, and have served on the Board for years. I know and respect them, and wish I could vote for them as well, but we can only vote for 6 people in this category.

There is a group of candidates running as a slate entitled Unity in the Community/Mar Vista Makes Waves. This tells me they will be able to work well together if elected – and that is important. Check out their website (LINKED here) to find out more about each of them.

And if you’d like to do your own research, please check out all the official candidates here on the EmpowerLA website.

NOTE: Zones 3, 4 & 6 are running unopposed.

NOTE: Community Director and Zone Directors each have one Board seat, but there are 6 At-Large Director Seats to elect and 14 people running.*

*(One candidate has dropped out after being certified.)

Final note: this is my opinion on the candidates running for this year’s MVCC election, and you’re entitled not to agree with me. I just hope you get out and vote!

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