Mar Vista Makeover: Update September 19, 2008

Big changes going on here in MV. Lots of fixing up, like this building on the corner of Grand View and Venice — new paint job and now awnings!

Plus rumors of a new restaurant coming to the old Venus of Venice location (more recently Taqueria Chihuahua). I heard maybe a deli? We’ll see.
A new building going up next to the library. What will it be?
Then something new coming into this spot, which used to be a thrift store. Looks like a bike shop? Just spit-ballin’.
And then here’s the downside to gentrification: some stores will have to go. 
Rock’er, a surf shop and one of the pioneers of the changeover of the area, is closing its doors at the end of the month and going 100% virtual. So you can keep shopping online, but until the end of September you can stop by in person and get a fantastic bargain as they sell off some inventory. Don’t wait! Go soon!
An original post by Sarah Auerswald.

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