Mar Vista Education Summit Wrap-Up

It was a great event, a packed house, 21 schools in attendance showing off their stuff and a distinguished panel discussing school reform (*ahem* with yours truly included). Thanks to Kate Anderson, Babak Nahid and the rest of the Education Committee – and the Mar Vista Community Council as a whole – for arranging the Mar Vista Education Summit – an important forum at a critical time.

Mar Vista Mom at Mar Vista Education Summit April 14, 2011
Me on the left, Steve Zimmer on the right, who, by the way, looks almost exactly like my cousin Phil

I posted the text of my “speech” on My Other Blog, so if you missed it you can check out what I had to say.

In general, the news is not good for schools right now, as you all probably know. I thought I knew, but one of the things I learned last night is that, unless there’s an infusion of money into the system, LAUSD will have to close up shop on April 17th, 2012. There’s only enough money for that many days of school next year.


Mar Vista Mom at Mar Vista Education Summit
packed house

I’m sure you’ve also heard that California spends just about the smallest amount of any State in America on educating its kids, but did you know eactly how much we spend? About $7500/kid.  Compare that to New Jersey that spends about twice that amount.

Mar Vista Mom at Mar Vista Education Summit
The distinguished panel

Please keep yourselves informed about this important issue! Check with our school board member, Steve Zimmer, who posts lots of information on his web page. Check with your CA State Representatives, the Governor, your schools, the news, etc. Stay informed and be vocal about your wishes.

And just for Rob Kadota: I did in fact tweet from the stage.

Mar Vista Mom at Mar Vista Education Summit
The view from behind the mike

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