Mar Vista Business Profile: Bikerowave Community Bicycle Shop

store frontFreshly opened on August 3rd, Bikerowave is an all-volunteer-run, member-owned, co-operative community bike shop, dedicated to empowering the cycling public by providing affordable hands-on education about bicycle repair and maintenance. Which means, they want you to learn how to repair and maintain your own bikes. Plus they’re all about creating and maintaining a community around bikes, so they do things like hosting parties and movie nights.

That’s why Mar Vista is such a good fit for their store: it’s right on the bike path, across the street from LA Brakeless, and a block down from the Farmer’s Market. Not to mention Mar Vista’s growing Green tendencies. Human-powered transportation just makes so much sense.

(MVM just got a bike again after a long period without — it’s so much fun riding with the kids! But I don’t know anything about maintenance or repair, so thank goodness Bikerowave is here!)

The shop was packed Monday evening, as they opened for their first day in Mar Vista. Eric and AlexHere are co-founders Eric Colton and Alex Thompson in front of a flurry of activity there last night. Oh, and they have a disco ball on the ceiling. Just had to mention that.disco ball

Welcome to the neighborhood, Bikerowave!

Bikerowave, 12255 Venice Blvd., Mar Vista. Hours: Monday – Thursdays 6:30pm – 10pm, Saturdays 1 – 7pm, Sundays 1 – 5pm. Tuesdays are reserved for Bikerobabes: women and transgender only, no dudes.

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