GoSolar Mar Vista Update: Taking It Personally

Mar Vista Mom is going Solar! I am so excited, in a very geeky, green way.

I have lived in sunny climates most of my life and have always wanted to take advantage of the power of the sun, but there was always the big price tag standing in the way. Now with the leasing program available, that problem has vanished!

But let me back up and tell the story. After having heard the presentation in July describing the lease and the value of using solar, I scheduled an appointment with SolarCity to check out my roof and see if it was suitable for panels. Tom Folan came by promptly one morning (in his green Prius),Tom Folan and his green Prius company carand, after climbing up the ladder and checking it all out, Tom's ladderhe gave me the good news: no shade hindering our sun potential, and acres of space for panels! (I am exaggerating; not acres.) my acres of rooftopBut he said he can fit enough panels up there to offset 90% of our current electric usage. Tom Folan using the internetHere’s Tom crunching the numbers.

For the past year, we’ve averaged about $109/month in electric payments to DWP. And the lease would mean we’ll lock in that price per month for the next 20 years. And there are no upfront costs. I just don’t see a downside.

Except this: this program is so popular, we have to wait 5 months for installation. I know that means a ton of people are getting solar panels, which is great for the environment and all, but selfishly, I wanted them to be able to get started right away. Oh well, solar panels for Christmas!

Kudos to Open Mar Vista’s James Brennan and John Ayers for all the work they did pulling together this community discount!

And remember, the GoSolar Mar Vista discounts are only available until October 25th, so schedule your appointment soon. Just be aware that the roof inspection and number-crunching takes about an hour, so plan accordingly.

Oh, and the rooftop photo was taken by Tom Folan, because I have been too chicken to climb up on my own roof. But I vow to get my butt up there when my panels are installed and take the photo myself. You heard it here first.

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