Give Your Input on the Venice Blvd Streetscape Plan

The City of Los Angeles’ Planning Department would like your input on what types of long-term streetscape improvements you’d like to see on Venice Blvd in Mar Vista.

From Monday, July 6th to Sunday, July 12th, the Coffee Connection/West LA Café will be hosting Department of Transportation voting boards in the courtyard for the public to view and give their input on. Your input will help the City document the Mar Vista community’s long-term streetscape vision for Venice Blvd.

Venice Blvd Streetscape planningBackground

As part of the Westside Mobility Plan project, the City Planning Department is in the process of developing a “Livable Boulevards” Streetscape Plan for a handful of street segments on the Westside. One of these segments is Venice Blvd, from Beethoven Ave to Inglewood Blvd.

The goals of the Livable Boulevards Streetscape Plan are to:

-Enhance walking and bicycling experiences on the street

-Improve pedestrian and bicyclist safety

-Bolster local businesses

-Improve connections to nearby transit

-Implement sustainable streetscape practices

-Overall improve corridor aesthetics

Venice Blvd Streetscape planThe Livable Boulevards Streetscape Plan would help achieve these goals over the long-term by:

-Documenting the community’s vision for how the streetscape environment should look and function

-Identifying a consistent palette of streetscape amenities such as street benches, trash receptacles, street lighting, trees and unique community identifiers

-Defining maintenance responsibilities for the city, businesses and community partners

-Developing a basis for pursuing future funding opportunities for implementing the plan

In addition, the development of this long-term streetscape plan is currently being developed in coordination with Mayor Garcetti’s Great Streets Initiative, which aims to implement near-term improvements on Venice Blvd in Mar Vista.

Great_Streets_ImageFor more information, please visit the websites below:

Westside Mobility Plan –

Great Streets Initiative – &

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