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Cherries and Lilacs at the Mar Vista Farmers’ Market April 29, 2018

I saw the most beautiful lilacs today at the Mar Vista Farmers’ Market. And Murray’s Farms has cherries!lilacs


Local kids have long benefited from the great programs at NYA – Neighborhood Youth Association – and they were at the market to raise awareness and funds. Student Litzy Bautista, an NYA participant, is looking to raise funds to support her study abroad goal via a GoFundMe campaign. Check out the details.

New today: Pepper Delight with pepper jellies and jams, to be used for eating and cooking.Pepper delight

The Audubon Society was the guest in the Green tent. Audobon Society in Green tentSCAQ (Southern California Aquatics) CEO Clay Evans was the guest in the Chamber of Commerce spot in the blue tent. They run swim lessons, master swimmers, and private training. Check them out!Chamber member SCAQ La Playa Nursery School was helping kids make crafts and talking about their preschool.La Playa Nursery school

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