Art Scavenger Hunt

In honor of the Mar Vista Art Walk and Make it Mar Vista happening on Saturday, November 25th for Small Business Saturday, we’re launching an Instagram Art Scavenger Hunt!

Walk around Mar Vista and see if you can find these art pieces Рtake a photo and post it using the hashtag #MarVistaARTHunt. Good luck and have fun!

*Please note that each of these pieces of art you need to find are each PART of a larger piece of art.*

Art Scavenger Hunt – Find These Images:

  1. A heart to remember
  2. RRs
  3. Got an Old 45
  4. Eye of the Tiger Octopus
  5. Mom in Mar Vista
  6. Fancy Feathers
  7. I Scream, You Scream
  8. One Blue Eye
  9. Pink & White
  10. Minecraft Blocks
  11. As Tall as An Elephant’s Eye
  12. So Adaptable
  13. Drips
  14. The Scales are Pink
  15. Shimmering
  16. One Big, Sunny Eye
  17. Eye Underwater
  18. The Crescent Moon
  19. Pink Sunflower
  20. Intersecting Lines

Hope you enjoy finding all this Art in Mar Vista!