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Mar Vista Art Walk This Thursday 12/3

Mar Vista Art Walk This Thursday 12/3

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  • My name is Gabriel Martinez. I’ve lived in this area my whole life and I’m witnessing Mar Vista being gentrified at this time. Families that can’t afford to live in the area will be forced to leave. It’s as clear as day that what is really going on is the selling of Mar Vista as another up and coming gentrified neighborhood. What kind of places are popping up on Venice Blvd. from Inglewood to Beethoven are the kind most people can’t afford to shop in. Homes are being sold for over a million dollars in Mar Vista now. Who can afford to live in Mar Vista once you make your Great Streets dream come true Mayor Garcetti? You still can’t even begin to solve the real issues of extreme poverty in Los Angeles. All the Mayor is doing is creating a comfortable rich “walkable path” for the rich to mingle and mix in. The great streets program aligns itself with path to gentrification.

  • What happened in Venice doesn’t stay in Venice. It moves to Mar Vista. Hyper Gentrification is taking over Mar Vista. The once affordable town of Mar Vista is now being gentrified. Great Streets Mar Vista is directing linked to gentrifying our beloved town. What kind of artists are you even talking about? The rich artist that wants to create homes as art and flip them for over $1,000,000! Change your name to RichMarVistaMom. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UDg5Vhb9fFo

  • Where are the working artists going to live Mar Vista Mom? Not all of them will be selling home’s as art in Mar Vista for $1,500,000! Most artist’s are going to need a place to live here. And with the rents going up in this area what artist would want to live here!

  • And that is exactly what is happening in Mar Vista! And that is not beneficial to our community. People should be able to live, work, and shop in their own neighborhood without being robbed! No avocado should cost that much at the Mar Vista Farmers Market! The only people that are benefiting are the rich and very well off! You cannot stop our eyes from witnessing the truth. Walk in our shoes and you’ll think twice about what you said. That’s all I came here for. Now you know the truth!

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