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Reminder: Make It Mar Vista This Saturday 11/28

Reminder: Make It Mar Vista This Saturday 11/28

Join the Mar Vista community as we #ShopSmall at Make It Mar Vista on Venice Blvd. Saturday, November 28th from 11am – 4pm. Kickoff Bike Ride at 10am! Fun for everyone: Holiday Gift Shopping, Live Entertainment, Art Projects, Games & Prizes! Read more about the day on the Mar Vista Chamber of Commerce. Main event Hub at Venice & Centinela. 

And check out the latest info on our Facebook Event page (Like Free Parking, Bike Share and more!): https://www.facebook.com/events/1076572412383453/Make It Mar Vista


8 thoughts on “Reminder: Make It Mar Vista This Saturday 11/28”

  • And this is their mission statement folks. Which doesn’t include the rest of us who live here too:

    Our Mission Statement:

    The Mar Vista Chamber of Commerce is an alliance of local business owners that provides advocacy, education, inspiration and support to increase revenue for and awareness of local businesses by promoting Mar Vista as a desirable place to live, work and shop, allowing these businesses to contribute to the prosperity of our community.

    How can Mar Vista be a desirable place to live for everyone if the rents are going up and the real estate can only be bought by the rich wealthy gentrifiers moving into in this area! The only reason you want to increase revenue is to get rich quick!

  • I have lived in this area my whole life and I’m witnessing Mar Vista being gentrified at this time. Families that can’t afford to live in the area will be forced to leave. It’s as clear as day that what is really going on is the selling of Mar Vista as another up and coming gentrified neighborhood. What kind of places are popping up on Venice Blvd. from Inglewood to Beethoven are the kind most people can’t afford to shop in. Homes are being sold for over a million dollars in Mar Vista now. Who can afford to live in Mar Vista once you make your Great Streets dream come true Mayor Garcetti? You still can’t even begin to solve the real issues of extreme poverty in Los Angeles. All the Mayor is doing is creating a comfortable rich “walkable path” for the rich to mingle and mix in. The great streets program aligns itself with path to gentrification.

  • And this is what the gentrifier always does. Wherever the gentry goes they must have their expensive cake, and eat it too. A pot hole filled is an improvement. A city light repaired is an improvement. Charging $95 dollars plus tax for a beat up old denim jacket at a place that sells to rich artists is a disgrace and downright plain sick! And surfing cowboys sells rusty old useless junk for thousands of dollars! And they are not collectors items trust me. What kind of farmers sell over priced produce that I can grow down below in my apartment complex for practically nothing, or that North Gate Market sells at a way better price. I can go down the list but you get the picture. That is what the gentry loves: over priced real estate and all the expensive goodies they can have. The gentry can have their cake and eat it too. I would never want to walk in their shoes. I wouldn’t be able to afford to walk in them anyway.

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