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Grand Opening Mar Vista Art Department Nov 21

Grand Opening Mar Vista Art Department Nov 21

Welcome Mar Vista Art Department to the neighborhood! Located on Venice Blvd where Chalk Gallery used to be, there’s both a store and a workshop.Mar Vista Art department

Mar Vista Art Department, 12513 Venice Blvd. 90066

5 thoughts on “Grand Opening Mar Vista Art Department Nov 21”

  • This is what the gentry always does. Wherever the gentry goes they must have their expensive cake, and eat it too. A pot hole filled is an improvement. A city light repaired is an improvement. Charging $95 dollars plus tax for a beat up old denim jacket at a place that sells to rich artists is a disgrace and downright plain sick! And surfing cowboys sells rusty old useless junk for thousands of dollars! And they are not collectors items trust me. What kind of farmers sell over priced produce that I can grow down below in my apartment complex for practically nothing, or that North Gate Market sells at a way better price. I can go down the list but you get the picture. That is what the gentry loves: over priced real estate and all the expensive goodies they can have. The gentry can have their cake and eat it too. I would never want to walk in their shoes. I wouldn’t be able to afford to walk in them anyway. http://www.kmart.com/route-66-men-s-denim-jacket/p-046VA82244912P?sid=KDx01192011x000001&gclid=CjwKEAiAp_WyBRD37bGB_ZO9qAYSJAA72IkgvCfRi4HbN0MxqmyZm8LuHH5NP3oKyAWT0I03sMOPtRoCj17w_wcB

  • Mar Vista as a desirable place to live, work and shop, allowing these businesses to contribute to the prosperity of our community. The prosperity of our community is not dependent upon business’s that puts high profits as a priority above everything all else. Nobody should pay such over inflated prices at The Mar Vista Farmers Market, or at the so called Art Dept. The only art going on their is the art of greed.

  • And that first sentence I plugged in up there is from the chamber’s mission. The only people that will end up prospering are the people that can afford the over inflated prices in Mar Vista’s Great Street plan. The only people that will be able to afford to buy a home here are cash rich. It doesn’t matter if you go 20 years back in the past. This is the present, and at present hyper gentrification is prevailing here in Mar Vista. And that isn’t a good thing! Not that it matters at all, but my family has been here for 125 plus years. And we know a thing, or two about the streets. We know because we built them. I am not don’t mean to rain on your Mar Vista Parade Mar Vista mom. I mean to give you the El Nino like storm that needs to wake you up!

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