Salad Days at the Mar Vista Farmers Market July 16, 2017

Check out the beautiful lettuce I saw at the Mar Vista Farmers’ Market today. Too hot to cook, so eat salad, I say! Plus I saw Kohlrabi, peaches, cherriums, Yvette’s favorite stone fruit, cherry tomatoes in baskets and on the vine, big tomatoes, four kinds of beans, and cucumbers. Market-goers were treated to the sweet sounds of Xander Hitzig. The Green Tent guest was from the Sustainable Technologies Program at Santa Monica College. The Blue Tent guest was the Friends of Historic Fire Station 62, on a special day, to announce their celebration BBQ on Sunday, July 30th. Get more info about them and the BBQ on their website.

And check out these trees! The Market planted these trees in spots along the sidewalks around the market in January of 2014, and they are growing up so nicely, just 3.5 years later!

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