Sunshine and Love at the Mar Vista Farmers’ Market February 12, 2017

This being the pre-Valentine’s Day weekend, it was most appropriate to hear the sounds of the Love Uninhibited Orchestra as they played the silliest of love songs at the Mar Vista Farmers’ Market. They are awesome!

According to one vendor today, nothings says love like Persimmons. (It was news to me, but I like it!) Plus the Mar Vista Community Council was on hand talking about their new Bike Mar Vista Committee. Get more info and sign up for the email newsletters at There was a new juice vendor today. Teebsie had the cutest display – perfect for Valentine’s Day! And they are now selling marshmallows! Have you tried Anasol? Terrific bath & body products from dried fruits. New vendor: Adams Ranch Olives. Girl Scout Cookies on sale from Junior Troop 15595. And: beets.

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