Crafts & Veggies at the Mar Vista Farmers’ Market December 11, 2016

It was prime holiday shopping time at the Mar Vista Farmers’ Market today, with local crafters selling beautiful things for holiday gifts. Check out the items I saw from Modern Hands, Crafts from Oaxaca, Pink is A Girl Color – which is also a book available on their website, Vintage Encore, Urban Bloom, Farmers’ Market Groupie, Sacred Pendants, Opa’s Soap, Handmade goods from Emma Caday, and Boxwood Jewelry. Plus there was a new vendor called Rawesome Morsels. A FREE Photo Booth! And Steve’s Machines & Spin Art for the kids! The Master Gardeners were in the Green Tent. And have you ever seen purple vegetables like these? Or yellow fruit like these? Or black vegetables like these?

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