Mar Vista Farmers’ Market Wrap-Up November 22, 2015

Check out what’s new at the Mar Vista Farmers’ Market today: Dry River Brewing was here to let us know about their beer, brewed right in Boyle Heights. We hope to see them back in January when beer tastings will be legal! IMG_2382There’s a new cheese booth from now on – California Artisan Cheese. IMG_2378 IMG_2376And have you tried the jams from Jammin’ Malibu? Yummy and they go perfectly with the cheese!IMG_2374

Are you ready for Thanksgiving? Everyone at the Market today was shopping for fresh, delicious vegetables for all the tasty sides you could ever want. Plus some beautiful flowers for the table. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!IMG_2387 IMG_2420 IMG_2419 IMG_2414 IMG_2413 IMG_2411 IMG_2407 IMG_2404 IMG_2401 IMG_2400 IMG_2399 IMG_2397 IMG_2395 IMG_2393 IMG_2391 IMG_2389

One thought on “Mar Vista Farmers’ Market Wrap-Up November 22, 2015

  1. Gabriel Martinez
    December 3, 2015 at 10:19 pm

    What kind of farmers sell over priced produce that I can grow down below in my apartment complex for practically nothing, or that North Gate Market sells at a way better price. I can go down the list but you get the picture. That is what the gentry loves: over priced real estate and all the expensive goodies they can have. The gentry can have their cake and eat it too. I would never want to walk in their shoes. I wouldn’t be able to afford to walk in them anyway.

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