Mar Vista Farmer’s Market Wrap-Up January 5, 2014

Gorgeous January Day at the Mar Vista Farmer’s Market – and this post marks the 5th Anniversary of me writing about the Market every week. Wow! Here’s a link to the very first one I did in 2009. Today I saw this beautiful citrus display:citrus display photo by Sarah Auerswald

And new today: Anna’s Farm has organic, GMO-free, pasture-raised eggs.Anna's Farm free range eggs

The Free Trees giveaway went very well – all 100 trees were given away by 12pm. Yay!free trees

And Mike Bonin not only held his office hours at the Market today, Mike Bonin office hours photo by sarah Auerswaldbut he also presided over the dedication of the 19 trees planted on Grand View and Pacific around the market.Mike Bonin watering the treeDedication ceremony with Mar Vista Farmer's Market Board

And I even got in on the act.Sarah watering tree

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