MVCC Elections 4/11: Meet The Candidates

I encourage you to vote in the Mar Vista Community Council election this Sunday from 10am – 4pm at Mar Vista Park, 11430 Woodbine. The Council does great work for our community and I salute all the people who volunteer their time. The Green Committee, the Arts and Education Committee, there are great things that happen because of the council.

There are many great people running for the board, all with different skills and strengths. That made the decision of who to endorse a tough one, but in the end, I had to make choices. Here’s my list:

Zone 1 Director:  Babak Nahid

Zone 2 Director: Bill Koontz

Zone 3 Director:  Kate Anderson

Zone 4 Director: Stephen Boskin

Zone 5 Director: Maritza Przekop

Zone 6 Director: Marilyn Marble

Community Director: Alex Thompson

At-Large Directors: (You may vote for up to 6 of the 9 people running.)

Laura Bodensteiner

Sharon Commins

Peter Hills

John Kuchta

Albert Olson

Joseph Treves

Please do vote on Sunday. It’s quick and easy and it helps our community. Thanks!

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