Mar Vista Farmer’s Market Wrap-Up 12/6/09

Today’s shopper is Sara Davenport, owner of Broadway Skin Studio, a full service medical spa specializing in skin rejuvenation and facial contouring. Sara is going to make guacamole. Sara Davenport of Broadway Skin StudioShe takes 2 avocados, peels and chops them, but takes care not to mash them into a paste. She then chops 1 beefsteak tomato, Hot House Beefsteak tomatoes1/2 a red onion, red onionsand a habanero pepper (which is spicy-hot, so use at your discretion) and adds it all to the avocado. The she juices 2 lemons and does a final mix, again, trying to leave it chunky. Delicious!

And you can eat it with these chips tortilla chipssold right here at the market! Plus you can order your holiday tamales here, too — but hurry! tamale infoDecember 20th is fast approaching…

Today at the Green Booth, the Master Gardeners Master Gardeners(Sharon Moore and Sarah Spitz) were on hand to give out plant samples and seeds again, and to answer your gardening questions. They’ll be guests of the Green Committee once a month, so check back next time.

New at the market today: Lark farms from Fillmore, Lark farmswith Hot House tomatoes. Welcome!

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