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Mar Vista’s Going Solar with Open Mar Vista and SolarCity!

SolarpanelsEver think about installing solar panels on your roof? This being sunny Southern California, I can’t imagine it hasn’t crossed all of our minds on multiple occasions. But there’s a lot to consider, and the hefty price tag has always been a stumbling block for many homeowners. (Me included)

Well, there’s a new era in solar now. Instead of buying the panels yourself, which can cost tens of thousands of dollars, the trend is toward leasing the panels long-term instead. This saves on upfront costs and, so the theory goes, provides ongoing savings as well, since the rate gets locked in, even though energy costs will most likely go up.

Luckily for us in Mar Vista, Open Mar Vista has been focusing on solar energy for some time and has partnered with SolarCity, which will be offering special pricing and affordable financing options on both residential and commercial solar systems to those who participate in the GoSolar Mar Vista community program.sc-logo-color-sample

James Brennan, co-founder of Open Mar Vista, points out that there are state and federal incentives for solar, as well as tax rebates, which all help make this an affordable way to get clean energy.  Open Mar Vista has a stated goal of reaching 100% clean energy in Mar Vista by 2018, which was inspired by Al Gore’s Alliance for Climate Protection and its RePower America campaign.

GoSolar Mar Vista participants are eligible for discounts of $500 off the retail price of installation, if they buy the panels, or three free months if they were to choose the leasing option from SolarCity. You can sign up for the GoSolar Mar Vista program here, and I encourage you to do so. Don’t worry, you’re not committing to anything just by signing up; you’re just on the list to get more info. But you must sign up by October 25th, 2009 to be eligible, so don’t wait too long.

In addition, SolarCity is offering free rooftop Wi-Fi antennas as part of the Open Mar Vista Community Wi-Fi network, which is an AWESOME extra benefit. At this rate, Mar Vista will be the most connected and cleanest-running neighborhood in the state in no time!

John Ayers, Open Mar Vista‘s other co-founder, has invited us all to the GoSolar Mar Vista Launch event, on Saturday, July 25th at 6:00pm, at 12024 Venice Blvd. RSVP at GoSolar Mar Vista. This will be a town hall meeting with lots of information available, and there will be delicious food provided by The Curious Palate. Sounds like a party this Mar Vista resident won’t be missing! Hope to see you there.

4 thoughts on “Mar Vista’s Going Solar with Open Mar Vista and SolarCity!”

  • This is beyond exciting!!! James and John will be at the new MVCC Green Committee booth this Sunday – please come and meet them and learn more about the program. We will be on the corner of Pacific and Grand View where the dining tent was. (It is moving and the MVCC/Green/MVFM booths will replace it.)

  • I know, I’m totally excited about the future of solar here!

    Plus the Green Committee’s news is great, too! Look forward to seeing you at your new booth this Sunday!

  • Who can I contact about this program,I would like to start this on the east coast.
    Thanks, Ken Stys
    Pinnacle Solar Group

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